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Ta-Da | 2.06.08

Ta-Da | 2.06.08

This is a very significant photo:

1. Gracie is wearing a leotard, which means she is also wearing big-girl underwear underneath. I flat-out lied and told her you can't wear pull-ups with leotards, and so when she was finally ready to play potty-trained, she could go ahead and wear a leotard to the no-mamas-allowed class. Bingo!

2. Gracie is wearing a hand-me-down leotard. Which fits. I think it might have magical powers. Or have been washed a billion times until it became a 4/5 T garment that fits itty-bitty 3 year olds.

3. Gracie is wearing pigtails. We've negotiated a hair truce: she will allow me to put pigtails in her hair for gymnastics and gymnastics alone. She takes them out on the way out of the gym on Wednesdays. They are so cute... I wish I could convince her to leave them in. Once in a blue moon she agrees, but for the most part... no deal.


ETA 2/7: Because life with G is never dull, guess what she asked for in her hair this morning? Pigtails.