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Under | 2.7.08

Under | 2.7.08

Every morning in my mad rush to get four people dressed, fed, and presentable for the day before the bus comes at 8:20, I plop Bee down in her room adjacent to our own and fix Maddie's hair in the bathroom right next door. This morning was no different; I plopped Bee down and went to put pigtails in Maddie's hair, a task that takes approximately one minute, ten seconds to complete.

When I came back (the three feet from the bathroom door to our bedroom door) Bee was gone. GONE. As in, I couldn't find her because she had vanished. Gracie was playing with beaded hair pretties on the bed and hadn't seen her. I looked in her room, under her crib, under her red dresser (?), behind the rocking chair (??). My heart started beating faster, because where could an 8 month old baby have gone in one minute, ten seconds?

Dead center under the bed in the next room over, that's where. I found her grinning there, covered in all sorts of nasty dust bunny/we-have-hardwood-floors-and-three-children-and-a-cat debris, quiet as a mouse. As if she was waiting for me to find her. I did not take a picture until later, because ICK, she was under the bed.

Let this be a lesson to me. It's time to buy a Bee kennel. What in the world are we going to do when this child is actually crawling?