> 4th of July

Sweet Lily
Cousin Jumping
Monkey With Banana
The Joy of Sitting in the Middle of Kent Rd. Is Great
That Gracie
Too Much
Snicker Snicker
Bee's Favorite Part
Hello, Marching Bulldogs
One of Many Reasons I Really, Really Wanted To Be in Stow For the 4th of July
Charlie Was Enthralled.
As Far As Clowns Go, These Were Pretty Good.
Gracie Wondered If This Was Santa Claus Riding a Motorcycle
The Shriners
Do You Think She Was Having a Good Time?
One of a Bazillion Firetrucks
Rock the Roo!
Quintessential Summer Photo
I Have an Inexplicable Love of Cars That Do Stuff Like This
Gracie and Grandma
It's Molly! (And Mrs. Root, Too!)
Unlimited Sucker Access
4th of July at the Troyers' House
Hello, Charlie
Liz and Marie
Nothing Beats a Tree Swing While Waiting For Picnic Food
Enjoying Each Other
Mrs. Troyer
Kent Fest (Or Whatever They Call It Now)
Grandpa on the Bari Sax
Look! It's Grandpa!
Bee Was Dancing In the Streets
The Thrill of Knowing Someone In the Band
Big Golden Flash, Little Girl.
Kent, As Seen From the Cuyahoga River
Stow High School
Aren't They Darling?
Jumping Cousins
Papa Monster Was Chasing Them
A Cute Sweaty-Headed Mess
Shh, Don't Tell Grandma, But the Baby Had Sparklers Too (And Loved Them)
We Promise We Were Close By
How Could We Deny Her Such Joy?
She Is a Natural Athlete
Teaching Bee How to Bat
Please, Uncle Aaron, Don't Eat My Baby
Aunt Amy
Morning After Sorting