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33/52 | Game Day Cookies

33/52 | Game Day Cookies

Now that Christmas is complete and all 15 recipients received their jars of cookies, I can share this particular project... Thanks to Bakerella's blog I got the idea to make Cowgirl Cookies with pink M&Ms for teacher gifts. Pink M&Ms are not easy to locate in large quantities, however, so we were able to get five jars out of them and then we needed another option.

After sorting five bags of regular M&Ms I discovered there are a lot more orange ones in the bag than any other color, so had the brilliant idea to make some Browns cookie mixes for the menfolk in my family. (Brownie decal courtesy of the internet + super-cool window decal paper from Office Depot). We also made some special Wyoming Cowboys cookie mixes with gold M&Ms plus a whole bunch of red/green ones. All in all, a fun project. Of course we didn't make any for ourselves (duh) so I haven't actually tried the cookies, but Bakerella doesn't have any bad recipes to her credit : )