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28/52 | The Kitchen Photo Project

28/52 | The Kitchen Photo Project

For as cool as the 1906 House is overall, the kitchen is... well, it's a standard-issue base kitchen. It does have exceptionally functional cabinets and a freezer on top/fridge on bottom refrigerator which I am thoroughly ecstatic about, but it also has the same slightly-grimy linoleum and counter tops that scream base housing.

There are very high ceilings in the otherwise bland kitchen, so I got a bee in my bonnet about filling them up. It's hard to get the full effect from this photo, but I picked six photos I love from Eastern Market in D.C. and had them enlarged to fit in bargain bin 16x20 frames from Sears; I couldn't be happier with how it looks. And, Matt and I are still married. There might have been a moment in the hanging process where that wasn't a guarantee. Much like the Bathroom Wallpapering Incident of (circa) 1982, where my parents wisely decided to hire a close friend to finish the itty-bitty bathroom wallpapering project for them : )