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17/52 | Project Get That Baby To Sleep In Her Own Bed

17/52 | Project Get That Baby To Sleep In Her Own Bed

For over two years, Bridget's sleeping arrangements put her within six feet of us; that, paired with her ear trouble last year, made sleeping with us at some point in the night an attractive option for all parties.

Her second floor bedroom in our current house—paired with her height and developing belligerent and territorial nighttime personality—was starting to wear on us, though. So, I decided to resort to the sticker chart, with a shopping trip for princess dolls of her choice as the reward.

That child didn't miss a single night sleeping in her own bed the entire night from the first day we introduced the chart, and hasn't missed a night since. She picked Ariel and Sleeping Beauty, and asked the Easter Bunny to bring her Tiana. She has permission to come down in the morning for a cuddle, and exercises that option once or twice a week. I kind of miss her snuggled under my arm, but everyone is happier this way.