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13/52 | 40 Gifts for a 40th Birthday

13/52 | 40 Gifts for a 40th Birthday

Matt turned 40 in April! To celebrate, the girls and I put together a list of 40 birthday gifts and set to work on making it happen. It is not as easy as one might think (I did portraits of the girls and used one of each as its own item to help reach 40, ha). However, there were some especially fun ones in the batch, and yes, Bridget held up every single one of them for me to take a picture of. I'm sure anyone who was driving by in the 15 seconds she was holding a bottle of whisky was horrified. ; )

This particular picture is one of the more brilliant ideas: it is a picture of Punjab making eggs in North Dakota. Only a handful of people in the universe will get that, and it's really a weird tale to tell, but trust me—it was a good one.