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15/52 | Dear Photograph

15/52 | Dear Photograph

Dear Photograph by Taylor Jones was released in May (National Photography Month) and Ella Publishing Co. helped promote the book; I was SO EXCITED to be able to participate. I had the perfect photograph: when Matt and I were here in Cheyenne on our 4 day house-hunting trip in April 2000, I pretty much gawked at every single brick on base (still do) and bemoaned the fact that I couldn't live here then (waiting list was 18-24 months at the time). I stood on the steps of the TLF where we were staying and took some pictures of the beautiful houses... fast forward 12 years, when I realized that one of the houses I took a picture of is the one I'm living in right now. Ha!

Here is the text I posted with my photo:

Dear Photograph,

I stood here on the hotel steps on a house hunting trip to Cheyenne in April 2000, wishing like anything that I could live in one of these beautiful historic old houses (but knowing the two year waiting list made that impossible). I never could have imagined that 12 years later, my home would be the house with the side porch peeking out from behind the cottonwood trees on the most beautiful circle imaginable. Even though it's only temporary until the Air Force sends us somewhere else, I am grateful.

Thank you,


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