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It's Like a Zoo, But Which Side Is Which?

It's Like a Zoo, But Which Side Is Which?

November 14, 2005

Maddie and Gracie really, really seem to like each other. So far. Maddie can make Gracie laugh hysterically, and Gracie studies everything Maddie does and is starting to imitate her. Every morning before the grown-ups are awake Maddie likes to hang out in Gracie's room for some "sister time." They are content to be together, babbling or giggling or just being. Gracie has started to invade Maddie's personal space from time to time, but Maddie is handling it well—she knows that if she wants to play with something Gracie can't have, she either needs to head up to her room or play during Gracie's nap. She only occasionally gets into trouble for squeezing Gracie too hard.

At bedtime, Maddie has started requesting to sing Gracie a lullaby after stories are over. She walks around the room ad libbing her songs and Gracie sits on my lap listening intently. After the song is finished, Maddie gives her a hug and kiss before leaving; tonight Gracie genuinely reached out to hug her back.