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Pretzels | December 23

Pretzels | December 23

Here we are in our matching Starbucks aprons, courtesy of Uncle Aaron. A good time was had by all.

A quick story about the chocolate-covered pretzel ingredients:

I've been searching for Gulf Wax, which is actually an ingredient (good for loosening up zippers, good for eating—who knew? But trust us, this chocolate recipe is yummy) for weeks, because our lifetime supply was missing. I've been convinced the packers threw it out in California, because it is an Official Contraband Item, along with candles and batteries. I finally found some at a random grocery store I don't generally shop at, which was a cause for celebration.

And then today, I opened up the pantry and reached for the Gulf Wax, right in the door with the spices. That's weird, I thought, as the box was kind of ripped. Then I opened it, and for more than a split second thought OH MY GOSH THAT GROCERY STORE SOLD ME USED PARAFFIN WAX!!!!! YUCK!!!!!

Right. As in right in front of me all the time, apparently. Now I have two lifetime supplies.