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Great-Grandpa's Chili | December 4

Great-Grandpa's Chili | December 4

One of the great difficulties of living in California for me was how much I missed having four seasons. While I always knew that I loved all the seasons, I had no idea how much they were connected to my overall equilibrium as a human being. Dramatic, I know, but there it is. There are certain things I do at certain times of the year, and when it's 60º for weeks in December, how am I supposed to make my Grandpa Rinehart's chili? Chili does not taste good to me when it's 60º outside. But here in Virginia, things are a little more seasonal. Thank goodness.

Gracie is really into the cooking thing. I like to cook the 15 or so seasonal things I like to make, but she is up for anything. I think her Great-Grandpa Rinehart would be thrilled to know his spitfire great-granddaughter helped her mama make his chili, carefully stirring and pouring in preparation for the most important step of all: kissing the bay leaf. Is this a Grandpa Rinehart thing or does everyone kiss bay leaves when they cook? Hmm. All I know is that it is part of the recipe, and you don't miss that step.

Maddie got the bay leaf in her second bowl last night, which meant she got to make a wish.