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Movie Night | December 8

Movie Night | December 8

We brought back Family Movie Night a few weeks ago after a two year hiatus with Ratatouille (Gracie's review: she didn't like the part with the rats—no, really, that's what she told us; Matt, Maddie and I loved it). Tonight the selection was Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, who Gracie insists on calling a moose. Bee only got to stay up long enough to cuddle up with her sisters for a photo and try to steal their popcorn.

Maddie has seen Rudolph two times before tonight, both when she was 3. The Abominable Snow Monster has never been scary in the least to her. Like us, she finds 1960s animation amusing, and even laughable. Gracie, however, was literally trembling with fear, and is certain there are Snow Monsters lurking around every corner tonight despite our many reassurances to the contrary. Poor little thing.