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One Last Meet Before Fall | 2.12.11

One Last Meet Before Fall | 2.12.11

Maddie competed one last time as a Level 3 today for a giant meet (read: too many people jammed in the gym on extremely uncomfortable bleachers for over four hours) and did very well! She won first in bars for her age division, and came second in the all-around for her age division. Braids and the rest of the Laramie team didn't attend this meet, but she identified a new competitor from the Ka-Larks in Casper: Smile-y, who won first in the all-around. Her medal count for the 2010-2011 season: ten. Not shabby at all : )

Gracie exists in competitive limbo right now since she skipped Level 3 and hasn't been in Level 4 long enough to know any routines, but she is also in this picture—she was the judge's runner for vault, and went back and forth from one side of the gym to the next about 85 times today.