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Crazy Steel Cut Oats People | 2.3.11

Crazy Steel Cut Oats People | 2.3.11

We've upgraded to a brand with much cooler packaging! The crockpot steel cut oats experiment is working out very well. After some tweaking of the original recipe, this is what we've been doing:

Before I go to bed, I put one cup of oats, 3 cups of water, and 1/2 cup of milk in the crockpot. The original recipe called for 4 cups of liquid (3 1/2 water, 1/2 milk) but I'm afraid of it becoming too soupy. You can experiment up or down, however.

Next I toss in a pinch of salt, a big shake or three of cinnamon, and one chopped up apple. The original recipe calls for a tbsp of butter, and that is yummy. But optional, because we're eating steel cut oats to be healthier, right? I've left it out most days and it tastes perfectly fine.

Next, I set out the raisin container, brown sugar, and a small bowl of chopped up walnuts next to the crockpot. We found that putting the raisins in the night before plumps them up to the point of being eyeball-like, and that's just icky. Putting the sugar in the night before seemed to make it burn more. I don't know what putting walnuts in the night before would do. I also put out the spoon rest thing, because if you set the spoon on the counter after stirring it turns into cement.

Put it on low; ours cooks for about 6-7 hours before Matt comes down in the morning as the first person up and ready to go; any longer than 8 hours and it starts to get a little too burned around the edges. He turns the crockpot down to warm, and about a half hour later when I'm getting the girls ready for school I toss in some raisins (still puffs them up, just not beyond their prime puffiness).

Matt, Maddie and I have been all gobbling a bowl in the morning most days of the week (this is the third purchase; we're looking into 25 lb bags next). Gracie says it's OK but no thank you, and Bridget really only loves Oatmeal Raisin Crisp and toast for breakfast.