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Book Club | 1.11.11

Book Club | 1.11.11

Maddie was invited to her school's book club in the new year; it is generally not open to third graders, but that seems like an arbitrary rule when considering her love of reading. It's a parent/child book club, and it was awfully fun going with her. We've both read The Mysterious Benedict Society (actually, Maddie has read the next one in the series too, and plans to read the third one soon) and she had lots of good input during the discussion.

I giggled to myself about how similar elementary school book club is to my book club experience (dessert, beverage, lots of laughing and discussion, tangents, a few people who didn't quite finish but almost, etc.)

To think one of my big worries before Maddie was born was that we would have a child who didn't like to read! Ha ha ha. Silly me.