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It's a Christmas Miracle! | 1.25.11

It's a Christmas Miracle! | 1.25.11

Up until now, I've never made it to Christmas Day without committing poinsettiacide. I've had gloriously giant poinsettias from Bundi Gardens, smaller but still glorious varieties from grocery stores, and the occasional gifted poinsettia from a friend.

All dead by Christmas.

I put a ban on purchasing poinsettias the last few years, because poinsettiacide is not unlike flushing anywhere between $12.99-24.99 right down the toilet for me. But this year, I spotted these $1.99 poinsettias in pretty little tins at Lowe's and rationalized that I might buy the tins for $1.99 anyway. I bought three. Two of them aren't exactly thriving, but they're not dead either (two more Christmas miracles!). This one is actually looking a tiny bit healthy.

Project Keep the Poinsettias Alive might become my unofficial project for 2011. : )