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A Story About Hem | 1.9.11

A Story About Hem | 1.9.11

So, Maddie was working on typing up part of her project about barracudas (this should come as no surprise to anyone who's known Maddie any length of time that she would select a nasty, sharp-toothed predator as her fish of choice) and asked if I would put on some music. So, I clicked on the Genius playlist for some really good indie girl music.

The second song on this particular set is Half Acre by Hem; she looked over at me and said "I remember listening to this on my bed when I was 4." Katherine made her a mix CD with this song on it when we lived in California, and she listened to it all the time. This ability to remember time of life as it relates to music makes us very much alike, and something that makes me very happy.

How grown up she looks in this picture? That's another story.