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Kodak Easy Share

Kodak Easy Share

We bought Maddie a small digital camera for her birthday since it was the thing she really, really, really wanted. After much consideration, we settled on the Kodak EasyShare C433, which is a discontinued model by Kodak but still available at random RadioShacks throughout the U.S., including the one on the other side of town here.

So far she's taken over 250 pictures with her new camera. She loves it. We're glad she loves it. Here are some preliminary lessons we've learned about handing your 5 year old her own camera:

1. Must keep the house picked up better, because suddenly it's like reality TV here. Everything shows.

2. Must work on not looking like a dolt while standing in the kitchen or sitting on the couch, because Miss Paparazzi is probably lurking close by.

3. You're going to get some interesting photos downloaded, like the series of 12 pictures of Little House on the Prairie books arranged in a variety of ways on a blanket.

It's pretty fun to see what's important enough to be a subject to her : )