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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Well, now that I've officially seen the title of my book that I keep vaguely referring to in print (there's a little blurb about it in Simple Scrapbook's latest special issue—Simple Album Shortcuts, on sale now, by the way!) I'm sharing a small behind the scenes look at what said book, The Scrapbooker's Almanac, is looking like at the moment.

It's in 101 pieces on my kitchen table, it is.

There is a somewhat frantic push to meet the two big looming deadlines to have everything done—June 1 and June 8, otherwise known as Those Fridays In June. This is easier said than done while in the midst of the other hoopla around here as of late. Matt is taking leave this week to serve as Primary Sensible Grownup since the other Sensible Grownup has officially taken leave her of senses trying to get it all finished up. Bridget, of course, is helping me finish; it's as much her project as it is mine, since she pretty much has been hanging out with me the entire time I've been working on it.

But oh... what's on this table... it's nine months of hard work by me and five other women I could go on all day about. I can't wait to share it. Coming November 2007.