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A Benefit of Living in Wyoming | 5.19.10

A Benefit of Living in Wyoming | 5.19.10

We finished up a Flat Sophie project for our friend Molly in Ohio after school; Flat Sophie went to the Union Pacific Depot, the Wrangler, the library, Frontier Park, and the State Capitol Building. We took a picture of Flat Sophie in front of the Capitol, on the steps of the Capitol, then on a whim I decided to see if we could sneak a photo inside of the Capitol.

The information lady working in the lobby made us sign in and then set us loose in the Capitol to run around wherever we wanted, so long as we didn't open any doors that were closed and stayed behind any ropes that were up. So, we wandered all over the building (all three floors open to the public), hung out in the House and Senate chambers, sat in one the hearing rooms, posed with a bison and Chief Washakie, and had ourselves quite a fun little adventure. I'm pretty sure you don't get free reign to run around the State Capitol unsupervised and un-metal-detectored in, say, New York....

Oh, and this is the lovely stained glass ceiling in the center of the buildling.