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And To Think That I Worried.... | 5.25.10

And To Think That I Worried.... | 5.25.10

...that this baby girl wouldn't like books. I mean, this was a real concern I had while pregnant with her: what if she doesn't like books? What if she doesn't like to read?


This little girl landed in the top ten in her entire school for Accelerated Reader points for the year, with over 2 million words read/recorded. She set the record for primary grade points, with more than 200 more than the previous record holder. She loves to read. Earning Accelerated Reader points is (thankfully) just a side benefit of her habit, and has not dictated what book she chooses next.

She was rewarded today with three Steve Jenkins books, a Steve Jenkins-inspired gorilla (someone had the foresight to shop at Kohl's for these prizes around Christmastime!), a gift card to Barnes and Noble, and—ha—a Sky Ball. : )