> A Photo-a-Day: October

Super Gracie
Little Girls Who Adore Their Great-Aunt Dianne
Late Bloomer
Spicy Thai
The Owl of Love
We Live Out in the Country (Kind Of)
These Are Available At Target, Aunt Marie
On Why I Won't Be Outside Barefoot Any Longer
Right Now
Windmills to Our West
Look Who's On My Couch!
Get Off At the Powell St. Stop
Pumpkins in the Pumpkin Capital of the World
Clean Monkeys
Gracie of the Sunflower Jungle
Nothing Says Old People Like a Freshly Stocked Fridge On a Friday Night
Old Friends
Who is THAT Baby?
M & M
Drying Out
Substitute Photographer-For-A-Day
Sleepy Monkey
Spending Some Time With My Grandfather's Scrapbook
Bug Catchers
10:10 am
15 Weeks