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Parade Grounds | 9.16.09

Parade Grounds | 9.16.09

After Bridget and I dropped off Gracie at preschool, we headed to base to walk on the track at the parade grounds. This was my favorite spot to walk when we lived here before—I used to listen to books (Shopgirl, Ex Libris are two I remember) before Maddie was born, and then I just chattered to Maddie when she was a baby. We're still using the same single stroller as when Maddie was a baby (a Peg Perego) and though it's been through hundreds of miles of use + and two unfortunate being-run-over-by-a-car incidents—one really bad, one minor—it's still functional. Mostly.

This time around, of course, we had to stop at the playground on the far side of the field. I brought my camera so we could get some good antelope pictures (they're everywhere) but of course as soon as Bridget and I were close to a gathering of antelope, we forgot to take pictures. Duh.