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Farmers' Market Music | 9.1.09

Farmers' Market Music | 9.1.09

There used to just be a farmers' market downtown on Saturdays in Cheyenne, but now there is one on Tuesday, too, not far from where we live. The girls know how to do the farmers' market—they take turns paying and waiting for change (even Bridget) and they know how to pick out what we want (here, our regular purchase items are different than in VA: sweet potato, jalapeño, and strawberry empañadas, fresh tortilla chips, corn on the cob, honey, eggplant, lemon cucumbers, and "traffic jam" jelly if we have enough money left over. The empañadas are not anywhere near as good as Maddie's friend Erwin's mom made, but they are OK.

This motley group of musicians has provided the entertainment the last few weeks; they are brave and funny, and not that bad. We are all most intrigued by the guy on the left, who plays a corrugated tin neck tie. Heh. The girls also take turns each week throwing $1 in the banjo case : )