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Denver Zoo | 9.20.09

Denver Zoo | 9.20.09

We drove down to Denver to meet our beloved Colorado Springs playgroup—I was literally counting down the days for more than a month. I was so excited to see the mamas (who I haven't seen since they visited us in CA in 2007) and to see the kids (who we haven't seen since we moved in 2006). It was very surreal to see them, because moving creates a time warp where it's hard to imagine growth in children—when you see them again, it's almost disconcerting. But with this group, it was like they had never been apart. None of the families there had met Bridget yet, but it didn't matter; we all immediately fell back into our roles of interchangeable mamas, and Bridget sensed that these people were part of her life, too.

We were missing the people who weren't there—but not to worry, it's not like there won't be more opportunities over the next 60+ years to get together : )