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Laddle's* Home! | 9.3.09

Laddle's* Home! | 9.3.09

Maddie goes to school a very long way from our house, and throughout the day rides five and sometimes six buses to get there and back, transferring buses at least twice, sometimes three times. She informed me the transfers are no big deal, because she knows how to Metro places (she prides herself on being a city kid now). The big perk of all this bus nonsense is that the bus driver drops her off at the bottom of our driveway every day, which is a perk that will seem 100 times perkier when we get our first taste of howling winds + cold temperatures.

*Bridget continues to call Maddie "Laddle," and we've all picked it up. It took us a while to realize it's a nickname for Madeline that Bridget made up based on the ADEL in Madeline.