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First Day, Second Grade | 9.09.09

First Day, Second Grade | 9.09.09

I had big plans to take nine photos today, and the day deteriorated somewhere in mid-afternoon and I didn't have my camera in my hand once. But, first thing this morning, I dug out this photo of me, my friend Shannon, and Marie on the first day of second grade. It is timely in three special ways: not only is it fun to look back at my own start to second grade as Maddie begins, but Shannon's daughter just started second grade this fall too. September 9 is Shannon's birthday, and I posted it on Facebook this morning to celebrate.

Five notes about the photo:

1. The haircut I have in this picture made me cry a lot the summer of 1980. I looked like a boy. I did not ask for a haircut that made me look like a boy, but apparently that's what the haircut lady thought she heard. It was not the last bad short haircut I ever had, sadly. I'm sure Jill and Marie remember the Christmas of 1998 Haircut of Doom, where I went in wanting to look like Gywneth Paltrow in Sliding Doors and came out looking like someone who got a truly awful haircut.

2. The bandaid is covering the third degree burn I got that summer on my hand by reaching into the broiiler (we had a wall oven/broiler unit, and my mama had been broiling steaks). I remember clearly how it was open and I was too impatient to wait for her to close it as I wanted to get through the narrow pass between the wall and the cabinet's end. I'm not sure why I stuck my hand inside the broiler, but the minute I did—I knew it was bad. After I tried to hide it for about three minutes there was a panicky high-speed car ride to the emergency room. The scar is just faint enough that I can make out the bottom left side of it on my hand 29 years later.

3. Look at Marie's pant legs: stylish even at age 3.

4. Katherine must have been just over a month old when this picture was taken.

5. I just noticed my Holly Hobbie lunchbox peeking out from behind me.