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A Little Bit of Australia

A Little Bit of Australia

It was fun to see a bit of Australia right in the heart of DC!

We had a very good time learning to speak Australian. Here is a quick reference guide to some of what we learned:

bell pepper = capsicum
pepper spray = capsicum spray
cotton candy = fairy floss
candy = lollies
popsicle = ice block or icy pole
creamsicle = paddle pop
linen closet = linen press
regular closet = wardrobe
napkin = serviette
cloth napkin = napkin
silverware = cutlery
pop = fizzy drink
free refills on drinks = no such thing in Australia
farm = property
man = bloke
bicycle = push bike
thanks = ta
pick-up truck = ute
slide = slippery dip
lipstick = lippy
college = uni