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Growing up, I had a number of pen pals. I exchanged letters with them for various amounts of time, the longest being my Portuguese pen pal Guida: from seventh grade to the first year I was married. I have lost contact with her, and it makes me sad.

But never have I actually MET a pen pal until now. I've known Jody since January 2004, when we signed up for the same circle journal group on 2Peas. After the year we worked on the circle journals was up, we just kept on writing! I cannot express the excitement I felt leading up to this momentous occasion, when Jody stepped foot onto American soil and shortly after that, into my house! She brought her sister Nikki along, despite Nikki's fears that I would actually turn out to be a creepy old man or something ; ) Matt and I haven't laughed so much in a long time, being entertained by the likes of them.