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Jody brought many marvelous and thoughtful gifts with her for our family. One of these gifts was our own special container of vegemite. I have had vegemite. Matt had not. He is far more adventurous than I am when it comes to trying new things, and he is tougher, too—so I truly believed that he would eat some vegemite carefully prepared on toast by Nikki and gobble it up, declaring it no big deal. However, the vegemite did him in. Now we can both marvel at how this is fed to little six month old babies, who grow up to be vegemite-loving grown ups!


We learned during their stay that neither Jody or Nikki had ever tasted Dr Pepper. WHAT??!? So, I carefully prepared my all-time favorite consumable in a frosty mug with just the right amount of ice, and presented it to them for tasting. They both politely refrained from spitting it out cartoon-style, which makes me feel a little less guilty about not liking the vegemite : ) I will proudly hold onto my little tube in the pantry, though, just in case I get a hankering for some...fermented brewer's yeast. Mmm.