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Preschool Party

Preschool Party

Halloween morning started with a mad dash to manage our triple-booked schedule. Gracie's Halloween party was cancelled on Wednesday because of the giant snowstorm, but her teachers worked hard to make it happen on Saturday morning instead. Of course, Matt had to be at work and the girls all have gymnastics on Saturday morning... Bridget missed her class (10 am), Gracie missed her class (11 am), I raced over from the party back to gymastics so Maddie didn't have to waste away at the preschool party and miss her class (11 am), then Bridget and I stopped to buy (fake) mice at Target on our way back to the preschool party, and Matt picked Maddie up at noon.


There are some delightful pictures from the preschool party, but too many little children faces for this blog : )