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Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving

Bridget and I found the world's largest pumpkin for $1.99 at the commissary last week. We normally do not purchase commissary pumpkins, but a pumpkin patch was not in the cards this year so at $1.99 we grabbed it.

Of course, the way the week went we didn't have a chance to carve it until the actual day of Halloween. At 3:00 pm I remembered that our pumpkin carving knife broke last year and I didn't replace it. So, thinking I could run over to Albertson's and get a new one, I raced out to try.

Note to self: trying to buy a pumpkin carving knife on the actual day of Halloween is NOT ANY FUN. Six places later, I had a puny, sorry little excuse for one and raced back home. Hmph.

Bridget was not into the pumpkin glop.