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We're not used to the trick-or-treating style that exists in our neighborhood. There were HUNDREDS of kids out, many of them trailed by slow-moving cars and trucks. I have never seen so many cars and trucks out on Halloween night... is it so hard to walk?

Otherwise, the actual trick-or-treating part was great fun. Bridget totally got it this year, and while she was slower than the other three (Gracie trick-or-treats with the same intensity she does everything else with, which is to say, she is ALWAYS THE FIRST IN LINE), she bravely marched up to each house and said "TRICK OR TREAT!!!!" immediately followed by telling anyone and everyone who was near that "I GOT CANDY!!!!!!!!" and "THANK YOU!!!!!!!" It may have been the happiest night of her life yet.

After we returned home, the funniest moment of the night occurred: some big kids were trick-or-treating for canned goods (we had already given most of what we had to the first batch of canned goods trick-or-treaters before we left) and I rounded up two more to give. The ringleader boy was dressed as Johnny Cash complete with guitar, and his friends were teasing him about singing at every house as they walked away.

Where was our Halloween Serenade?

I made that boy come back and sing, yes I did. The girls thought it was hilarious, which it was, because the song he sang was Folsom Prison Blues. Which isn't the best song to sing to three little girls under the age of 7.5 (though Maddie does know a lot of the words. Ahem.) So as the bad part approached, everyone got the giggles, and he improvised with "I shot a man with a NERF gun, just to watch him CRY."

By this point, everyone was laughing too much to continue.

Happy Halloween : )