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The Silver Ticket Line, Shortly After Sunrise

The Silver Ticket Line, Shortly After Sunrise

Though we were prepared to walk both to and from my house to the ceremony, we ended up taking the bus to the Pentagon and transferring to a bus headed downtown. I knew the train would be the absolute worst way to go, because as optimistic as they were that they could move 120,000+ people an hour, I didn't really care to see if that panned out or not. The bus was a great option going, and not a great option going home.

Our first scary experience of the day was heading towards the intersection of 3rd and Independence; we got stuck in a crush of people and were holding on for dear life to each other so that we wouldn't get separated. When we finally broke out of that, we found that the line for people with silver tickets started back at 7th St. We waited almost two hours with this particular group of people before the security gates opened at 8:00.