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The Longworth House Office Building

The Longworth House Office Building

I had to pick up my tickets on Friday, the coldest day in D.C. since 1996. I've become thinner-blooded since 2003, and the 11ยบ (that was without wind chill) felt extremely cold. Good practice for standing outside for 8+ hours on Inauguration Day. I took my camera on this adventure, because after my monthlong hobby of reading Inauguration news, I was pretty sure I wasn't going to take it on the actual day, and instead take a small point-and-shoot. This was a painful decision, but ultimately a smart one.

Rep. Lummis's office is at the Longworth Building. I didn't get to meet her, which was a bummer, because I was all set with my conversation starter about how she graduated from East HS in Cheyenne and that I taught there for a year. Go Thunderbirds! (Actually, I only taught one class at East to my four at Central, and I always identified more with Central, despite how nice my one class at East was. That's more story than anyone cares about. But it had to be stated on the public record.)