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You may have read that the city of Washington did a fabulous job managing the volume of people in attendance; that no one was arrested and no one was seriously hurt. 30 children were separated from their parents, and all were reunited, for which I am very glad. You may also hear a public official (not sure of her name) say that the grade you give D.C. for their handling of the crowds all depended on where you were.

Our experience getting from 3rd and Independence to Raoul Wallenberg Place earned the city an F for crowd control. We didn't actually see anyone in the masses of people out of control, but on two more occasions we were just crushed with people, and had nowhere to go. We all kept calm, but I've never felt so close to being trampled in my life. There was literally nowhere to go. We didn't see anyone directing crowds, which we assumed were all headed for the Metro stations. At one point there were a few officers sitting on the steps of the Dept of Agriculture building, but they didn't appear to be doing much more than watching the crowds. I think it could have been solved by creating one-way pedestrian streets, or at least by some directing of the crowd. People were mostly on their best behavior, and the city was lucky no one was seriously hurt, that's all I have to say.

No one pushed hard enough to cause any real damage, and we held on to each other without getting separated while we moved an inch or so at a time. I've never been so happy to get out in the open as I was after that. We headed to where our Metrobus dropped us, and decided that it would be far wiser to hoof it back home, so we headed for Memorial Bridge and lands west.

It was still worth it : )