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Christmas Program

Christmas Program

Maddie's school Christmas program was today, smack dab at naptime for Bridget (but Bridget did just fine, clapped appreciatively, only hollered to get Maddie's attention once, and otherwise acted very nicely. And then promptly napped from 2:15 until nearly 5:00 pm. A little off schedule, that.

The spotlight was not on Maddie, this is just a poor attempt to doctor up the photo so as not to clearly post other people's children... the real version lives in my photo database. My trusty old 70-300mm lens that Matt got me for Christmas about 16-17 years ago still works respectably in situations like these!

Maddie needed an outfit that was properly festive (yet not a dress, as I was not letting any child of mine out with exposed legs this week) and I had 45 minutes to find something at Kohl's last night during gymnastics. Bridget and I picked out an outfit that Maddie loved... a red fluffy sweater with a black sparkly scarf (*sigh*) and sparkly black pants. I'll have to work on a picture of the "rock star" outfit later this month.