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This One | 12.2.09

This One | 12.2.09

This one turns 5 in just over a week. 5.

She is astonishing us more and more every day with her sense of humor, her insight, and her general knowledge. She seems to be on the brink of big kid and little kid more than ever, and that internal struggle spills over and surprises us—one moment she's drawing complicated pictures with extensive plot lines and the next she'll be on the floor, one step from full-on tantrum.

But really, this has always been the case since Day One. And we do get a lot more complicated drawing moments than tantrum moments, so we know that the smart, sensitive and hilarious little girl will figure it all out one of these days.

She is getting a camera for her birthday. That's the deal in this house: you turn five, you get your first camera. It isn't a fancy one, but it is red, and she is going to be over the moon.