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The Other One | 12.30.09

The Other One | 12.30.09

I accidentally had my flash set incorrectly when I took this picture, so the next one is so much better–but as I looked at it I decided this is really the one I wanted to use, because of the first things on my list to mention tonight is this: Maddie stayed up until 9 to finish the first Harry Potter last night, and then stayed up another hour to start the second one. And then didn't come downstairs for breakfast until I finally made her come down at 8:45. The ghost-like picture suddenly seems totally appropriate!

A few more things about Maddie right now:
+ growing her hair for Locks of Love
+ misses VA and her friends there like crazy
+ was so happy and at ease all day yesterday with Reagan, Jenna, and Sophie (and all the other monkeys, too)
+ has read far more books than her mama this year
+ designed 11 musical instruments out of rubber bands, boxes, pipe cleaners, jingle bells, and wrapping paper tubes today
+ can be super-helpful or super-unhelpful, depending on her mood
+ lists math as her favorite subject
+ has a sweet tooth the size of Mt Everest
+ is recovering slowly from her ear incident
+ is learning to do some basic embroidery

We sure do love her.