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Lights | 12.4.09

Lights | 12.4.09

It's been so cold here that since we didn't have to go anywhere yesterday or today, we stayed in. That doesn't happen much these days, so the 4º weather (that's without the wind chill) yesterday was the perfect excuse. Problem is, our mailbox is about two blocks from our house. I don't really feel like packing up little girls to trudge down to the mailbox in that kind of cold.

We've been living in California and Virginia for the past three years, mind you. We've suddenly become cold sissies. Bridget looked at me like I had done lost my mind when we packed up to take Gracie to preschool on Wednesday, as she is a native Californian and all.

Anyway, because of the inspection on base that started Monday Matt has been getting home from work after 9pm. Last night he got home about 9:45 and—get this—I drove to the mailbox to get the mail. If that isn't ever the sissiest thing I've ever heard... *sigh* But tonight it was more like 21º outside, and it felt downright balmy so I walked tonight when he got home. And took my camera. There are some very cool lights in this neighborhood : )