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Grand-Prize Winner

Grand-Prize Winner

While Maddie has her piano lesson at 5:00 pm on Mondays, Gracie, Bridget and I have to find a way to kill approximately 28 minutes. 28 minutes doesn't really sound like much, but just try to make two little girls sit outside someone's house for 28 minutes and you'll realize just how long 28 minutes can be. On the other hand, we learned the hard way in September that 28 minutes is NOT enough time to go buy a Sam's Club rotisserie chicken at 5:15 pm on a Monday evening. We had to scramble a little too much that day.

Normally we do boring things like take the recycling to the bins (oh Arlington County, how I miss your big blue magic curbside bins), buy 1-3 things at Target in mad-sprint mode, or hit the post office. It was too cold to be outside today, though, so instead of sitting in front of the house (car off, freezing; car on, creepy) we drove around Maddie's piano teacher's neighborhood to look for Christmas lights.

That's when we saw it: the grand-prize winner of 2009. It kind of makes up for the fact that the man who used to live around the corner from us the first time we lived in Cheyenne who charged money to see the EXTENSIVE Christmas displays IN HIS GARAGE has apparently retired from the See My Christmas Lights From Space program. This picture doesn't exactly do the new winner justice; you'll just have to believe me when I say we hit the lights jackpot tonight.